The FoundersCard Story

FoundersCard was started to reward entrepreneurs for doing their part to change the world.

In 1997, our Founder Eric Kuhn, started VarsityBooks, an early internet business and went through the ups and downs that every entrepreneur uniquely experiences.

After raising over $40 million in venture capital, hiring over 200 employees and going public, the market crashed and within months, the company was de-listed. But Eric refused to give up. He completely changed the business model, built the business back up, and got re-listed back on the NASDAQ.

Throughout this experience, it seemed unfair to Eric that it was the top executives at large companies and investment banks that enjoyed incredible access and privileges and not the entrepreneurs. He thought that it should be the entrepreneurs, the true value-creators that most deserved these benefits. But, historically, entrepreneurs were taken for granted as customers and did not have much purchasing power individually.

And so an idea was born. In 2009, Eric set out to create a top-tier community around networking and benefits specifically for entrepreneurs.

Today, FoundersCard has grown to over 50,000 entrepreneurs around the world and partners with the very best travel, business, and lifestyle brands to provide its Members with high value benefits.

The FoundersCard Philosophy

Private Member Rates at Top Hotels
We've created a hotel program designed for our entrepreneurial-minded Membership. Low rates directly negotiated with the finest and most technological forward hotels and resorts along with customized perks and flexible cancellation policies.

Elite Status Upgrades and VIP Access
Entrepreneurs deserve the best. Why should only top executives of Fortune 500 companies get VIP access? Our Membership offers high-value complimentary upgrades and preferred pricing to the top travel, business and lifestyle brands.

Exclusive Networking Events
Complimentary and Members-only. Tired of the same old networking format? Our FC Signature Event Series is designs to provide our Members a unique opportunity to network. No speakers, no panels, simply great networking with with like-minded entrepreneurs in top venues.

"The Elite Black Card
for Entrepreneurs."
"Soothes startup stress with elite access."
"Excellent VIP Benefits"